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Nortech, Inc. was established in 1994 in cooperation with the Norwegian government to bring hi-tech offshore products to the North and South American markets as well as projects around the world serviced from our Houston base. The company has since expanded to represent several well-known and widely respected companies from United States, Europe and the Far East, and the company is currently selling products and services in West Africa and the Far East as well as North and South America. Nortech’s annual sales average in excess of $130 million.

Initially, Nortech focused on servicing the subsea market, bringing high tech products from the North Sea to the Gulf of Mexico. While we still focus on products with new and leading technologies, we have expanded far beyond the subsea market. Nortech currently represents technologies and products for the oil and gas industry in general, covering land-based, topside, and subsea applications. We have also added a number of high tech products and services for industries outside the energy sector.

Nortech's business philosophy is to create a joint organization to penetrate new and existing markets. We create synergies between different companies and their respective technologies, products and services. Nortech’s business model includes sales and marketing as well as assistance and participation in establishing local services, engineering and manufacturing.

Since Nortech's establishment we have participated in many high profile projects world wide, and hereunder we have participated in most of the substantial projects undertaken by the major oil companies in the Gulf of Mexico. Our diversified growth has both, allowed us to expand our services to the major oil companies: BP, Chevron, Exxon, and Shell, as well as increasing our sales and services to other oil companies, oilfield service providers and drilling contractors. However, a number of other oil companies as well as most the major oilfield service providers and drilling contractors are among our regular customer. We have also added the US Government as well as the US Armed Forces to our rapid growing list of customers.


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