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  Reference List

Nortech Project Reference List 1995 - 2011

Nexans Norway Energy Division

Client Project
Shell Popeye C/H Umbilical
Shell Mars E/H Umbilical
Shell Mensa Electrical Umbilical
Shell Macaroni E/H Umbilical
Shell Europa E/H Umbilical
Deepstar Dynamic Umbilical Study
BP Troika C/H Umbilical
BP Troika Electrical Umbilical
BP Troika Umbilical Installation
Texaco Gemini C/H Umbilical
Texaco Gemini Electrical Umbilical
Texaco Gemini Umbilical Installation
Amerada Hess Conger E/H Umbilical
Shell Crosby E/H Umbilical
Deepstar Direct Heating of Flowlines Study
Byrullus/B.G. Scarab/Saffron Chemical Umbilical, E/H Umbilical and Infield Umbilical
Shell Nakika E/H Umbilical
Shell Nakika Heating Umbilical
Shell Coulomb E/H Umbilical
Shell SSPS Pump Umbilical
BP Thunder Horse E/H Umbilical
BP Atlantis C/H Umbilical and Electrical Umbilical
Exxon Erha E/H Umbilical
BP Kapok E/H Umbilical and power cable
Shell Princess E/H Umbilical
Shell Mensa E/H Umbilical and Electrical Umbilical
Shell Llano E/H Umbilical
Shell Glider E/H Umbilical
Shell Super Duplex Flying Lead
Exxon Erha North E/H Umbilical
BP Nakika South E/H Umbilical
BP King Pump Power Umbilical
Shell Ultra Deep Power Umbilical Study
Shell Perdido Design Study
Pioneer Oooguruk Power/FO cable
Shell Deimos E/H Umbilical
BP Atlantic DC 3 Umbilical
BP King South Umbilical
BP THNex Umbilical
BP Dorado E/H Umbilical
BP King South E/H Umbilical
ENI Nikiatchuq Power/F.O. cable
BP Isabela Umbilical
Noble Santiago/ Santa Cruz Umbilical
BP Nakika Phase 3 Umbilical
BP Atlantis H10/E1 Umbilical
Chevron Lianzi DEH Engineering Study
Chevron Power Umbilical Qualification Program
Chevron LDPCU Umbilical Qualification Program
BP Thunder Horse Water Injection Umbilical
Chevron Jack St. Malo Power umbilicals


Nexans Norway Telecom Division

Parker Walter Oil&Gas EB 430 Umbilical Signal/Power Cable
Parker ATP Gomez North East Umbilical Signal/Power Cable
Parker Gomez West Umbilical Signal/Power Cable
Parker Mosaic Tristan NW Umbilical Signal/Power Cable
Parker Helix Bars and Typhoon Umbilical Signal/Power Cable
Parker Gomez Phase 3A
Parker Gomez Phase 3B
Parker Eugene Island 383



Shell Mars Flowline Riser Insulation
Shell Macaroni Flowline Riser Insulation
Shell Macaroni Field Joint Insulation
Shell Europa Flowline Riser Insulation
Shell Europa Field Joint Insulation
Shell Angus Flowline Riser Insulation
British Borneo Allegheny Flowline Insulation
British Borneo Allegheny Field Joint Insulation
BP/Amoco Nile Flowline Riser Insulation
Exxon Mica Flowline Riser Insulation
Exxon Maddison/Marshall Flowline Riser Insulation
Shell Crosby Flowline Riser Insulation & Field Joints
Pogo Firehawk Flowline Insulation
KerrMcGee Nansen Flowline, Field Joint and Subsea Equipment Insulation
BP Thunder Horse Flowline Insulation


Trelleborg Viking

Shell Bonga Tree Jumper Insulation
Shell Bonga Riser Fire Protection
Ensco Rig 83 Elastopipe
ConocoPhillips Bohai Bay Firenuts WHPC
ConocoPhillips Bohai Bay Fireseals and Firenuts WHPB


SM Group Valves

ABB Chevron Kuito Phase 1a
ABB Chevron Kuito Phase 1c
KOP Kerr-McGee Nansen
CDI Kerr-McGee Nansen
KOP Devon
FMC Kerr-McGee Navajo
KOP Kerr-McGee Boomvang
KOP Kerr-McGee Red Hawk
ABB Nexen Aspen I
ABB Nexen Aspen II


Fire Security

Sterling Chemicals Texas City Plant
TRANSOCEAN Cajun Express
Navigation Shipping Navigation Venus
American Exploration Offshore Platform
Halter Marine Supply Boat


Vertech Offshore

BP Pompano
BP Marlin
SHELL Enchilada
SHELL Mobile Bay 113
EXXONMOBIL Mobile Bay 112
SHELL Brutus
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