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Safelink AS


  • Shock Absorbers (Hercules X)

  • These shock absorber units are intended for dynamic load reduction during topside lifts, typically between a platform and a supply vessel. The unit enables almost full crane capacity up to 3-4 meters of significant wave height, which can be an increase of up to 300%.

  • NORSOK R-002 products (NORSOK R-002 Proteus and NORSOK R-002 Atlanta)

  • Proteus ensures quick and safe launching of MOB boats and workboats when time is of the essence. The length of Proteus is short when compared to the Atlanta elastic pennant.

  • Saferunner tag line pulley (SR)

  • Saferunner ensures smooth delivery of payloads through the water surface without interruptions. A tagline revolution that will both save time and improve safety.


  • Splash zone units (Titan)

  • The Titan series is very robust, and is designed for heavy-duty usage. Titan significantly reduces dynamic peak loads during lifting in the splash zone and eliminates the risk of slack wire situations. It is also excellent as an overload protector and for subsea wet tow operations.

  • Passive heave compensators (Poseidon and Kraken)

  • Safelink Poseidon is a basic unit for reducing dynamic load and movement of payload during subsea lifts. A dynamic factor below 1.0 is normally achievable. A good choice for short to medium wave periods and shallow waters. Safelink Kraken is an advanced passive heave compensator. It features a very low spring stiffness that enables excellent results even for long wave periods. The depth compensation system enables usage in ultra-deep waters.

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