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Trenching and Dredging
Capjet Trencher
The Capjet Trencher systems, designed for water depths down to 2000 m, is primarily used for trenching of cables, umbilicals and Pipelines. These vehicles are completely remote controlled and monitored from a dynamically positioned surface vessel. The machines are made neutrally buoyant through the use of upward/down-ward thrusters. Thus, despite their size, they are very gentle on the pipelines and cables to be buried. They can be used for trenching all types of cable, umbilicals and rigid pipelines from 8" to 42", flexible lines and bundles. The equipment can be modified in order to ensure optimal results for any project. The trenching systems are suitable for operation from a wide range of vessels.

Capjet Spider Dredger
Nexans Norway has developed a complete new Dredging vehicle, based on the Capjet basic design. The aim is to provide a vehicle that can provide large volume dredging capability in difficult topgraphical areas. The vehicle utilizes the Capjet platform with some added features like a unique seabed walking ability, flexible dredging arm and a large volume ejector system.

Nexans Captrack System
The new Nexans Captrack system is a support structure designed to ride on rollers on top of the cable during cable laying. The Captrack gives accurate touchdown position using a combination of a depth sensor, altimeter and inclinometer, to obtain most accurate bottom tension control. All data is transmitted to the control container topside.

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