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  Vertech Offshore

Vertech Offshore is a Norwegian based company, specialized in offshore services utilizing a unique technology for installation work that involves the use of helicopter and customized tools. This technology has proven particularly efficient for offshore replacement of flare tips.

Vertech Offshore has used their specialized technologies since 1991, when the first flare tip replacement, utilizing a helicopter, took place in the North Sea. Since that time the method has improved considerably. The company has changed more then 150 flare tips worldwide since 1991.

When replacing flare tips, Vertech uses the "long line" flying technique. This is often referred to as "vertical reference". The great advantage with this method is that it allows the pilot to have direct visual contact with the load using a bubble window in the helicopter. He also has a vertical view to the platform and all personnel involved thus ensuring that the helicopter is operating well above any danger area, and that the risks are minimal.

Vertech Offshore’s method for flare tip replacement is unique. The combination of experienced and top qualified personnel, specialized tools, and the use of vertical reference flying make this the safest and most cost effective way of changing flare tips. Through proper planning, this is normally a 1-day operation. The technology that is utilized has been developed through decades of power line construction work in inaccessible Norwegian terrain. This method has continuously been improved and is the most commonly used method for flare tip replacement in the North Sea.

Over the 13 years of offshore operations, Vertech has never been involved in any accidents or personnel injuries. The combination of experienced personnel in all positions, the specialized equipment and good planning make this method the safest, fastest and most cost effective method of replacing flare tips.

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